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    I am about to post some a relative's WW1 stuff. I have a couple of medals I have no clue of...please help.


    The first one is a very small miniture. The main pendant resembes an EK. The even smaller clasp has and 1870 on the lower arm. There used to be a thin back ribbon attached, yet it literaly disentigrated in my hands... mad.gif

    I know for a fact that he was not around in 1870(born in 1888)... so I do not know why he has this medal.

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    QUOTE(Tom Y @ Nov 20 2005, 10:01 )

    From the Franco-Prussian War.

    Thank you for your help on the brass medal.. Do you know what type of ribbon would go with the brass medal?

    The cross is still a mystery. Do you think that it could be a commemorative medal miniture as well?


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    It's hard to say what would go on the Vet's medal, but a black/white/red one with equal size stripes, ala the National Flag would be a good bet.

    Yes, the larger cross is probably a commem. loosely based on the Prussian Crown Order. The smaller one due to the tabs and size, makes me think, although I've never seen one, "soldier doll", sort of a 19th century GI Joe.

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    I do know that the two crosses belong together as they were on a piece of ribbon that literally fell completely apart in my hands. The smaller crossis a clasp that went through the ribbon. The ribbon was a thin solid (about an inch in width and 2-2.5 inches long) black one. I thought that I was going to cry...

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