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    Hi Sal, this was a nice little group of photos that he had... unfortunately they were tucked into a FP Box and came with about 100 Aerial Photographs. The last I looked the bid was up beyond what i would have thought "usual" for such a group.

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    Hi Rick, yeah they were very high priced. Lately airplane pics from WW1&2 have been fetching what I think are crazy prices! I saved these for reference for modeling.

    This one was strange. English writing. So I figure it is a different plane from a different set of photos or perhaps pre war the Germans got instruments from the English?

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    Hi Sal, Tony,

    I'm not to conversant on these string and paper planes, but pic's: 9, 14, 15, 16 and 19 are more likely British aircraft.

    15 certainly has the look of a Sopwith, whether it be a Camel, Pup etc I'm not to sure without looking them up.

    The four blade prop with cowling partialy covering the pistons and air intakes evident is an odd one, look at those struts. This dosen't look Geman to me. Alothough some single engined aircraft had four blade props at this time certainly, this one some how looks 'odd' to me......very interesting though.

    You've some fine shots of an Albatros and the other German planes I recognise but just can't remember the names of them.

    It wasn't uncommon for captured aircraft to be re-used by the enemy during the first war.



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    Marcus, that could explain the cockpit photo with the english instruments! Good lad! That was confusing me. Can anyone tell us the types of planes each of these is?


    My son ran through the lot earlier, even my upside down one only the 4 prop aeroplanes put him off a bit as did Marcus' comments. He then agreed that Marcus is probably correct.

    As he's only 11 he might have been making it up as he went along because he knows I don't have a clue. He does know his German planes though so I'll get him to look at them tomorrow.


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