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Hi Chris,

The value of the pin can vary if the pin is silver or maker marked... I would say around Eur 100.-.

Here I am sending you an offer of a large selection of miniatures from a collector/dealer I personally know, just as reference. Niemann lists the price of Prussian WWI pilot badges on his latest catalogue, but keep in my mind that Bavarian pilot badges are much rarer.

Niemann's catalogue price of a Prussian WWI pilot badge is:

Miniature 9 mm : USD/EUR 50.-

Miniature 16 mm: USD/EUR 80.-

Miniature 30 mm: USD/EUR 350.-

Your seems to be a 9mm Miniature, right?



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Thanks for the feedback. Either way, it looks like I got a good deal at $15. :jumping:

I've got to make note of where the planets are aligned in my chart, as this last couple of weeks have been good for finding items with the "clueless seller" discount. Pre-1934 SS collartab for $50, post-1938 SS Allgemeine SS shoulderboard for $35, now this. I really must pick up a lottery ticket or two on the way home from work tonight.

The mini is at home right now, but 9mm sounds about right.


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