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    I recently acquired some documents to Walter Freiherr von Esebeck, Oberst a la Suite, Ober-stallmeister und wirklich-Geheimenrat. I can't seem to find any information on this officer. If anyone could provide details on his career, it would be greatly appreciated.

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    I think it was the brother of Geheimkuchenrat and oberrezeptmeister Freiherr von Essbesteck.. :-)



    Walter Frhr. von Esebeck was born 17. July 1853 in Berlin to Karl, retired Major from the Garde F?s. R.

    He was commissioned a Sek.Lt. on 16.10.1873 in the 3. Garde Ulanen R. He served as a squadron officer in the 3rd squadron from 1873-1879. After a year as the regimental adjutant (1880), he was seconded to the Embassy in Vienna for a year. Back to the regiment in 1882 (2. Esk.), then then spent two years (1883-1884) at the Milit. Reit Institute. Two more years of squardon duty awaited him upon his return. On 19.09.1888 he was promoted Rittmeister and given the 4th squardon, which he commanded until 1896 when he was attached to the Meldereiter Detachment d. Garde Korps. From 1897-1898 he was the personal adjutant of Prince Friedrich Leopold of Prussia. 1899 and 1900 he was on the staff of Drag. R. 24. In 1901 he was placed "zur Disposition behufs ?bertritt i.d. Kgl. Hofdienst m. Pension und der Uniform d. 3. Garde Ulanen R."

    In 1903 he was the Vize-Ober-Stallmister.

    Oberst 16.06.10*

    Oberstlt. 24-12.03*

    Major 01-09-96

    Rittm. 19-09-88

    Prem.Lt. 03-03-83

    Sek.Lt. 16-10-73



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