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    Died wanting a cup of coffee...

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    This is a rather multi faceted group, to L.R. Jordaan. Almost unique in that he has a DTD, DCM combination, I think there are only 3 men who had this.

    In 1914 Jordaan was training soldiers, some who had served in the Boer forces, some on the British side.

    In the following short passage by Jordaans commanding officer (during the Boer war) a young soldier is killed while foraging....

    I was to take my men and trek with them through the Free State to the

    vicinity of Zastron where General Smuts would join us about the 15th

    of August. The other commandants received similar instructions.

    The men were not informed of what we were going to do at once, but

    with the assistance of the officers I drew up a list of seventy-five

    names. This occupation of ours was interrupted by news of a column

    coming from Johannesburg evidently to Potchefstroom via Losberg.

    Lochenberg brought the news of it and I rode out with him and a

    strong detachment towards them, coming in sight of them on the farm

    Elandsfontein. The men hid themselves in the orchards and

    Lochenberg and I went to the house of Mr. Jan Pienaar, whose family

    were still on the farm.

    The column was passing the house by then, at a distance of eight hun-

    dred yards, along the road, without any intention apparently of exa-

    mining the houses. Nevertheless we posted two men on the roof to

    observe their movements, it being my intention to attempt a surprise

    attack from the rear as soon as they had passed. Lochenberg and I had

    hitched our horses to a post outside the door and gone inside. It being

    about eight o'clock in the morning Mrs. Pienaar offered to give us

    breakfast which we gratefully accepted and were waiting for its ap-

    pearance, when we heard the sound of horses' hooves. Lochenberg

    and I took no notice; my nose and mind were both occupied with the

    coming breakfast, which was nearing completion. But Mrs. Pienaar

    went to a window, gave a shriek and called out "Heavens' the


    Lochenberg and I dashed for the door and as we opened it six troopers

    swung round the house. We sprang on our horses and dashed away,

    but he missed his stirrup and fell off before he had gone ten yards,

    which in a way was quite as remarkable as our surprise. Hardly had he

    touched ground however when he fired but hit nobody. I continued to

    race for cover and had just pulled up behind some trees a couple of

    hundred yards away when Jordaan, one of my staff, and a few other

    men who had been posted near, came up and fired on the troopers.

    Jordaan killed one and the others dashed away into the trees.

    We now expected that the column would advance towards the farm

    but they continued their march as though nothing had happened. We

    knew that, at the time, the soldiers had orders not to touch at farms,

    and it is therefore probable that these six men had stalked the house

    so succesfully because they were guarding against being seen going to

    it by their own people and, probably, without a thought of us.

    I could not help regretting the death of the trooper shot here, a fine,

    handsome fellow he was too, who had doubtless approached the farm

    with no more serious purpose than that of asking for a morning cup of


    The two men on the roof had failed to see the troopers and that was

    one of the very few occasions I have known a Boer sentry to fail.

    Altogether it was a morning of surprises.

    When the rear-guard passed we attacked it, but they had doubtless

    received notice of our presence; the pith had been taken out of our

    enterprise and the whole thing came to nothing.

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    What makes it a very rare combination, other than the fact that the first and 3rd medal are for fighting the British, is that the first medal is the DTD, it is the boer distinguished service medal for officers.

    almost all Boer war units were irregular, and when the commandos reformed for the campaign in German South West Africa, most Boers who volunteered on the govt. side served once again as officers.

    i.e. A farmer who had served in the Boer war as an officer in the Kroonstadt commando, rejoined the same commando as an officer in 1914 (usually). Commandos being the name for irregular units a the time.

    Jordaan however had served as an officer in the Boer war, then joined the newly created regular army as an NCO after the boer war, his service as an irregular Lt. not qualifying him for officer rank.

    So... while a number of DTD winners also had a DSO, or MC, only 2 or 3 had a DTD-DCM combination (for those who do not collect Brit stuff, a DCM is an enlisted mans decoration) because it meant serving as an officer, then as an enlisted man.

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