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    In my quest for information on 2 Franco-Prussian War officers I'm having a literacy problem. Being S?tterlinly challenged there are some words on their EKII docs I can't make out.

    On the Wibel doc in the handwritten section I can make out his name and K?niglich and 3"Infantrie Regiment Prinz Carl, but that's all.

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    Hi Tom,

    it is very easy to read :rolleyes:

    Post 1:

    haben dem K?niglich Bayerischen Hauptmann Moritz Wibel im 3. In-

    fanterie-Regiment Prinz Carl von Bayern das Eiserne Kreuz zweiter Klasse

    Post 2:

    haben dem Seconde-Lieutenant Oscar Haunit im 7. Ost-

    preu?ischen Infanterie-Regiment No. 44, das Eiserne Kreuz zweiter Klasse



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    Guest Rick Research

    Moritz Wibel was born in L?utershausen 29 May 1832. Date of rank as Hauptmann 1 August 1866. Retired in that rank, but char. Major aD 3 March 1911. Orders Almanac showed him living at Wilhelmstra?e 13, M?nchen in 1908-- still alive in 1913. Also held Luitpold Jubilee Medal 1905, Bavarian 1866 Cross, 70/71 War Medal, Bavarian XXIV yrs Svc Cross, and 1897 Medal.

    Orders Almanac 1908/09. Bavarian Military Handbooks 1867, 1903, 1913

    Oskar Haunit was born in Thorn 14 September 1848. 1908 living at Douglasstra?e 20, Berlin-Grunewald. Served in Inf Rgt 44 until 1891/92, when he was transferred as Hauptmann zD to position as Bezirksoffizier of Landwehrbezirk Saargem?nd, with XXV awarded 1890/91. Between 1893/94 Major zD ditto. Added Red Eagle 4 1895/96. Retired as Major zD ditto 1896/97 with uniform of Inf Rgt 44.

    Orders Almanac 1908/09, Prussian Rank Lists 1890-97.

    Because he lived in Berlin, it should be possible to track him from the online Berlin city directories for how many more years he lived.


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    Thanks, Rick. I just managed to find Haunit in the '91 Rangliste on Google but couldn't in the 1890 Addressbuch. I'll have to fumble about some more and see what I can find.

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    Guest Rick Research

    Having the complete run of 1890s Prussian Lists now (and 1886-88) means I can now offer assistance to You 1870 Persons which had previously been beyond my ability before becoming Keeper of the Ludvigsen Nachlass. :cheers:

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    • 4 years later...


    my first post in this forum is triggered by an internet research on Moritz Wibel.

    I acquired by WW1 postcard sent by Moritz Wibel.

    The front photo shows a group of soldiers.

    The man in the middle is probably Wibel as he wears a EK2 on an old style ribbon.

    What we see here is probably the awards that Tom´s document refers to.

    Wibel became a pow in 1916.

    Tom was not online since 2010 but I hope other collectors take pleasure in seeing this.



    Edited by taube
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    Thanks, Rick.

    I was thinking it could be the same man agewise.

    But, with a Hauptmann in 1866, it is impossible.

    Anyway, it gave me reason to join this forum.

    Any thoughts on the EK2 holder in my photo?

    Doesn't look freshly awarded and could well be

    a 1870 EK2?



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