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  1. Gentlemen, received some photos of a person whose data has already been researched in the Stammrollen. Both unifoms are tough to determine. T1 on the collar tabs could be some police sub-unit. The other photo has the stylized artillery grenades on the boards that were not worn in Bavaria at all. His decorations are a bit of a mistery, too. His roll says he had the König-Ludwig-Kreuz and the wound badge, no EK2 although he sports the ribbon. Thanks in advance for any hints that I will also feed into the German brother forum. Cheers,
  2. Interesting thread! I have owned this one for a while and was never able to find a reference. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance, taube.
  3. A bit off topic but by the same artist. A flea market find of last year. It is an oroginal sketch of Suchodolski, hand painted with tempera colours. The design was never printed or commercially used from what I know. The signature is clearly Suchodolski´s.
  4. Have one to add. Btw, the pc on the right in post #1 is by the artist Siegmund von Suchodolski (signature).
  5. Gentlemen, here is an item that I got through a newspaper ad last week. It is quite rare to find headgear and even rarer from the imperial age. The family had some more items from the grandfather but wanted to keep them as memories. Anyway, here is the Krätzchen of a later Major with 3. Badisches Dragoner-Regt. "Prinz Karl" Nr.22. It has some repairs but nothing that I would consider unperiod. Cheers, taube.
  6. I just stumbled over this thread: http://gmic.co.uk/index.php/topic/18932-alpenkorps-headgear-edelweiss/page-3?hl=leibregiment The man in post #51 could be wearing a Leiberring. Maybe Naxos can show another closeup?
  7. Gentlemen, here is my current stock of badges. Both of the big ones are Junckers. Best from Muc, taube.
  8. Thanks, Rick. I was thinking it could be the same man agewise. But, with a Hauptmann in 1866, it is impossible. Anyway, it gave me reason to join this forum. Any thoughts on the EK2 holder in my photo? Doesn't look freshly awarded and could well be a 1870 EK2? Cheers, t.
  9. Andy, thanks very much for looking it up and your confirmation. There is very little photo evidence found on the web so your info is much apprecited!
  10. Gentlemen, in my first thread I showed a photo postcard of Moritz Wibel. There is a second card from the same lot that I would appreciate your opinions on. It is a group shot of a manoeuvre held in Thalmässing in 1908. The text says the men are of 9. Infanterie Brigade. Oskar von Xylander commanded that unit in 1908. Now, would the strong gentleman in the middle have a chance of being Oskar von Xylander? My abilities to identify faces are a weak spot. Thanks for your help! Cheers, taube. PS: Wibel could be on the photo as well.
  11. Gentlemen, my first post in this forum is triggered by an internet research on Moritz Wibel. I acquired by WW1 postcard sent by Moritz Wibel. The front photo shows a group of soldiers. The man in the middle is probably Wibel as he wears a EK2 on an old style ribbon. What we see here is probably the awards that Tom´s document refers to. Wibel became a pow in 1916. Tom was not online since 2010 but I hope other collectors take pleasure in seeing this. Cheers, taube.
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