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    military museums in hungary


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    just to let collectors know that they must visit the army museum in budapest

    address toth arapad setany 40

    great medal collection,good collection of uniforms esp 1945-89 period you can spent there a 1/2 day or even a whole day and you will return again.

    been there now for 2 times,they do have a small shop inside and sell some military stuff sometimes high prices and sometimes nearly for free

    great book corner,obtain there a book on hungarian uniforms 1945-1953 period for a collector who lives in belgium.

    and found a riot (military?) police beret in white try to upload the photo fill seems to big

    also visit the citadell at the gellert hill 1850 - 1945 period is a shop in front of the museum but tourist prices higher than you ever see on Ebay.

    there are a few shops spread all over budapest who sells military items some are selling nice items and others sells current uniforms

    if you visit the escari fleamarket at nagykorosi ut 156 there are only 2 people selling esp medals bought a few medals there last year but now prices "are the sky is the limet"of course you can find some pieces of uniforms and badges.

    there is also a fleamarket,more like a carboot sale at the margeretbridge,discovered it to late will visit it next year and there seems to be a big fleamarket 1st saterday of the month if any of you know the address and would be so kind to share it please do so

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    There is a militaria show the first Saturday of every month in Budapest. I don't have the address at hand right now but when I find it I will post it. There is also a Coin and Stamp Show meeting every Tuesday at 14:00 hours. It lasts about 1.5 hours. There are a number of Hungarian medal collectors who attend every week. Other collectors attend and have medals from Hungary and other countries. Mostly Russian and former communist countries but some Austro Hungarian things appear from time-to- time. I went every week when I lived in Budapest. Ecseri is a waste of time except on Saturday morning when the Gypsies bring out their stuff. There is also a flea market every Saturday and Sunday at Petofi Csernak in Varos Liget (City Park)from 8:00 to 13:30.

    The Military Museum is interesting but not always 100% correct in their write ups with their displays. The Museum store can be interesting to visit but prices are ridiculous when compared to the prices at the monthly Militaria Show. If you want accurate information on Hungarian militaria and history buy the book recently published by Charles Duncan. It is listed on this site under "reference books".



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    Thanks for the info,looking forward to return next year to budapest and it looks that i have to stay there for a whole week or so maybe a good combination with a holiday near the balaton lake(drop the family there) and go to the stamp/coin fair at tuesday and saterday to vargos or the militaryfair.

    Please drop the address as soon as you have find it.

    Will take a look in the reference books,need also some info on militia collarranks



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    In the HUPR time period, 1948-1989, the ranks were mostly, but not always, carried on the shoulderboards. CDs book only covers the period 1945 to 1957 and you can find rank insignia for that period in his book listed in the Reference Thread pinned the top of the forum. I don't remember if we have had a thread or a post on rank insignia in the HUPR after that period but a search of the Forum should find what is there already in this area.



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    I know a dealer in Szeged. He only speakes Hungarian but his girlfriend speaks English. I don't have his email address on my laptop. I'll look it up for you tomorrow on my desktop, when I can get at it, and post it here. He is often slow in answering so do not dispair if you do not get an immediate reply. PC literacy is just coming of age in Hungary.



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