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    Jason has the right idea. Not a big flashy bar but to a man who was there. What could he tell us?

    @Wild Card - I have seen a few of these over the years. I always meant to get one but just never did. This one came up and I thought it was time. The pattern on the top of the case is unique. If I remember correctly there was an even nicer version of the case with the medal name on it. Stogieman should have pictures if memory serves.


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    Yeah it's quiet-but it's that time of the year-I lose control of all media for about 6 weeks this time of year until the Superbowl is decided.

    I really like this one-probably hard won given the LS. One can't know for certain, but I'd wager this was an E2-E3s bar.

    I have a photo album that belonged to a well off Unterofficer in a Baden artillery unit. The chap, who after the war was in the Stahlhelm, never made it above Unterofficer, but saw some horrific battles. There are pages of photos of dead Russian corpses knee deep in front of dugouts in front of the gun positions. The chap was wounded and got NOTHING for the entire war except a black wound badge. Maybe this belonged to his Wurtenbergian counterpart.

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