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Hero of The Socialist Labor

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Thank you very much.

I have gotten this grouping from a friend of mine from Georgia (Caucasus) not the USA.

I am awaiting for more materials describing the deeds of the hero, as well as the documents from the military archive in Moscow for the rest of the groupings, will keep posting as soon as I receive them.

All I know so far, the person was a director of a collective farm.

He was a deputy of the Suprime Soviet of the USSR and the Deputy of the Suprime Soviet of the Georgian Republic, you can see 2 membership pins in a shape of a banner.

Sorry for posting it here, just dont want to start a new thread.

Here is my commisar tea and sigarret set. A sigarret case (silver) was awarded to an OGPU (early version of KGB) serviceman, dated 1927. The pocket watch dated 1923, awarded to an infantry unit commander. Tea glass holder (silver plated) dated 1939.

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