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A critical eye please!

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this OPW1 is being sold by a guy who currently has about every rare/scarce Soviet piece known to exist up for auction in Germany. His only problem is the bulk of his stuff is bogus. Now here's the thing. My theory has (and will) always be that even thieves make mistakes and a knowledgeable collector will always profit from these mistakes. I like this OPW1. Looks consistent with many I have seen here and in groups belonging to others. What am I missing. Thanks for helping the newbie.

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My Numero Uno problem with this guy is the replaced (and I believe fake) gold sunburst on this award. You can see where someone seriously jacked with the screwnut on the reverse, and then replaced the orignal with this one. Stay away! Far away!


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Same thing The (truly) Evil Twin said. He noticed the nut right off. The star and engraving look so correct to my untrained eye. I've seen bits and pieces of bad items as I have wandered through with curiosity on Soviet stuff. But this fellow seems to take the cake.... I have never seen this many broken, altered, doctored and generally fake pieces in one place before. They're all so realisticly done and it's pretty scary.

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This are his terms:

"Privatverkauf, nach neuem EU-Recht muss man jetzt ja darauf hinweisen!

Keine Gew?hrleistung, keine Garantie, keine R?cknahme, keine Nachverhandlungen,

da dies in keiner Relation zum erzielten Verkaufspreis steht !

Wer auf diesen Artikel bietet, erkl?rt sich mit diesen Verkaufsbedingungen einverstanden!

Wer diese Bedingung nicht akzeptiert, soll das Bieten auf diesen Artikel einfach lassen!"

"Private Sale, going by the new EU-law one has to reference this. No guarantee, no return, no re - negotination, as this is not in relation with the sales price (note: whatever he wants to say with that). Who bids on this article, accepts this sale-terms. Who does not accept these terms, should just not bid!"

I tried to translate it as close as possible...

I wouldn?t buy a Jubilee Medal from him :sleep:

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