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A scrapbook for a German Medic

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I want to share with you the highlight of my Medical Collection... A scrapbook for a medic in the Heer. Lots ot material. I have not had the time to translate things, yet I believe this gentleman to have been a cartoonist in a medical HQ unit. I believe his job was to create medical awarness posters. I could be wrong.

Please relay your thoughts.

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Your very nice album with its personal anecdotes is a refreshing alternative to the usual training/service/abrupt end photo series that are typical of such collections of images.

The marching order shown in post #2 indicates that he was sent to the butcher's company to paint lettering on vehicles, so he does seem to have had an artistic touch.


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I did not know about him being sent to paint insignia on trucks... hell of a job for a medic!

I have not had an opportunity to translate this yet! Any help with this is of course appreciated.

Anyway, the medical posters were signed by him as the artist(in frames 7b, 8, and 12).

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Thank you Joe and Juan! I dont know anything more about this gentleman. All I have done thus far is do a quick google search.

It definately has a lot of research potential!

Juan, you should post the album!

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I agree that this book was assembled post war as his dogtag and soldbuch photo are in the scrapbook. I am still very happy with this book and cannot wait to have it translated! In what manner was he "cheerful" when he described his deployment East? I dont feel that he saw any action or patients at all. If feel that he spent all of his time at various HQ units, drawing posters or doing various other odds and ends. I would love to get a copy of his Soldbuch!

I think I saw a photo of him wearing a buttonhole KVK2 ribbon. I dont think that he was in the East too long as there is no photo with him wearing the coveted Winter War medal.



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