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    EK1 Vaulted "800"

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    • 3 weeks later...
    Guest Darrell


    I had the twin of your cross, with an unusual swan like marking on the 9 o'clock arm.  Another in my long list of "should have kepts".   sad.gif

    Stogie, I agree,  these are much better.

    Ok ... I've gone cross-eyed looking for swans ... what you say Jim ?? tongue.gif

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    • 1 month later...

    and finally the marking - taken/viewed at 4 different angles.

    I got onto a serious silver collectors forum and even they could not find a 100% match to the mark. It is almost certainly NOT a swan though. Swan markings were used on some silver imported into France but that swan mark is different. The marking is actually best represented by the top left angle and is most likely a leaping fish/porpoise. There is a similar marking (actually a mirror imaged - ie double - a leaping porpoise but the design of this single porpoise is VERY similar) used by Romania for imported silver items during/just after WW1. All I can think of is that during the German occupation of Bucharest in WW1 a local jeweller imported some EK1s from Germany and marked them with an import stamp similar to those known to have been used at the time.


    Mike K

    Edited by Mike K
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