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Turkish War Medal made by H.ROSE SCHWERIN


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So, the one for sale and currently 'discussed' on WAF looks very similar to the ones posted here above.

Putting aside the screw back and the maker's name, what is believed to be wrong with that type of star (as TimB's)? and the one on WAF?

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just out off interest ,,and hopefully off some help .

silver stamp book 1927 says,,,,,,!

8 carat alloy gold is regarded as 333 in the 1920/ and 30/40 in Germany ,,

333 fore silver did not exist in Germany

fore a Turkish silver mark you wood find a 900/1000 mark or ,,,

a half moon with a 5 pointed star and a Arabian number.

the number 336 wood be equal to 1336 /1920 foundation off the Turkish republic .


the Arabic word SAHH

before that it was the royal tughra .

but that is 1927 ....

regards kay

Iron cross - Home

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On the other hand, why didn't we say anything about the date on it. It has the date 333 instead of 1333. :jumping:

Well... I don't care about this at all, as none, really none of the German makers could actually read what they "wrote" there. I really don't see a problem in it.

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well I don't understand it at all ,,,Germans cant read what ?

The Arabic inscription on Ottoman war medals. And I guess you can neither.

It's a bout the date being spelled wrong... if I hadn't been told where's the date, I hadn't even recognized that.

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