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    Greetings All! I shall not be bashfull, Let's talk about what I like! Imperial Aviation of Germany & his Allies. A veritable minefield of fakes, trickery and false hopes. Why if Germany had as many Pilots as there are currently "wearer's copies" of PLM's floating around the internet, I think we'd all be speaking German right now! cheeky

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    Pilot Badges! One real one for every 3-400 fakes floating around out there. There's two distinct styles from Germany. Prussian & Bavarian. Of the two styles, there's two types. Issue & Private Purchase.

    Here's what the typical Prussian issued badge looks like. Stamped tin, plated with silver. These were unceremoniously handed out in a plain brown envelope. A little wider than the WW2 style packets many of us are familiar with. The packet held no title, no maker mark, nothing. Most were instantly tossed in the rubbish bin.

    Contrary to popular belief, they were not handed out upon completion of flight school! They were awarded after completion of a prescribed number of missions.

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    Hi everybody,

    One of the rarest pilot badge of the WW1 : the Bulgarian pilot badge. I have bought this beauty several years ago. Have a look. I have send a copy of this badge with the weight and size to Bulgarian Military Archives to give me an expertise of this one. Have alook

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    Guest Rick Research

    I don't think the Official Bulgarians will be able to help, Christophe--

    there are so many variations of these badges, I don't think I have ever seen any two the same. Silver, base metal silvered, plain back, rayed back like yours...

    Bulgarian ones rather crudely made for that period, German made versions...

    but like varieties of the Turkish War Medal stars, there are so FEW of the different maker versions it is almost as if every recipient had his own badge made "special order!" laugh.gif

    The ONLY marks I have ever seen on their WW1 flying badges are the silver content (if silver)-- unlike the exceprionally beautiful and multi-piece versions from WW2, which ARE maker marked and so can be compared to each other.

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