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    I hate to correct but the lats two pictures are of the "Treuedienst-Ehrenzeichen" which would be Faitthfull Service.

    What Mr. Chairman was posting and meant was the NSDAP Long Service Award. In his case the Second Class for 15 Years.

    I don't have the 'real' set, but I have a set of 16 mm Minis, which are more rare for sure. And if one wouldn't know one could think it's the real deal.


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    Guest Darrell

    I wasnt even reading the original post tongue.gif

    Just saw the pics Laurence posted and decided to be a smart ass and post mine too ... I guess I need another beer wub.gif

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    Forgive me, I just noticed this -

    GAU BERLIN MINI???? :speechless:

    Ok, Gau Berlin Mini,

    on a chain...?

    WITH 2 long service crosses as well..?


    Is this fair..? Is it right..? :P:love:

    Some day I really need to make that visit Chris.


    Matt Gibbs

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