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20th Anniversary of Democratic Land Reform Commemorative Medal

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Erinnerungsmedaille 20. Jahrestag der Bodenreform – demokratische Bodenreform.

Instituted: July 17, 1965 to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the land reform of 1945. Awarded to individuals who participated in the accomplishment of the land reform or in establishment of collective farming (Landwirtschaftliche Produktionsgenossenschaft - LPG) in East Germany.

Quite rare.

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Bodenreform was very unpopular in the DDR and caused lots of problems after the reunification of Germany. Many siezed lands had apartment buildings etc. on them by 1989 and trying to decided how to deal with this problem was a difficult decision. In a lot of cases people were unable to get their siezed land back because it would have meant depriving people living in these buildins of a home. If I remember corretcly, things were to be left as they were for 50 years which certainly did not please the original owners or their heirs.



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