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Hi guys,

Here is one ribbon bar from WW1 period what I picked up from other forum member. To me its looks like not very common combination to medical personell.

Feldgrau painted "D.R.P." ("Patented in the German Reich") were used only during the war time and was gone later in 1920s, so I presume it would help to exclude second ribbon as a Weimar Veteran Organisations award.

Ribbon bar consist:

- Iron Cross 1914-1918, 2nd Class (Eiserne Kreuz, II Klasse)

- Austro-Hungarian wartime Malta award (would make sence on Red Cross bar) or Freikorps Detachement Randow award.

- Prussian Red Cross Medal, 3rd Class (Medaille für Verdienste um das Preußische Rote Kreuz, III Klasse)

- Austrian Red Cross Merit Award (Ehrenzeichen vom Roten Kreuz)

Not the best shape but even smells original; not messed with tabs, ribbons are all old and it has been used for sure.

Any toughts would be great to hear... especially regarding second ribbon!


Timo aka Noor


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