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    Realy cool chart! I have not seen this one? Did you make it?

    Hi John!

    There are a couple off the top of my mind as well.

    1. Supply/early Field police Lt Blue

    2. Field Police(post 1943) Orange(enlisted)

    3. Signals(until Apr 1938)- Light Brown

    4. Field Division Grass Green

    TSD(Officers only)

    1. Judicial- Wine Red

    2. Troop Services, other- Light Blue


    As Larry stated plus

    Rose Pink with wreath and propellars for ing.

    NOTE- black would also be for the Air Ministry Staff.

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    Great Lads, Once we've compiled the entire list (Pre/post '43) I'll make up a complete chart. :beer:

    Too bad you couldn't use actual pieces on your chart instead of generic colors (not busting your balls), it is just that the "chart" would be a bit more accurate, even w/dye variations and fading. I am sure I have scans of various tabs I have had in the past if you'd like them.

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