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    New 1866/1870-71 Medal Bar- Guess Why I Love It!

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    Here's my newest addition to the collection.

    Nice 3 Place with 1866 Koniggratz Cross, 1870-71 War Medal & 1897 Century Medal.

    No doubt a great bar, but guess what I love most about it?

    First a couple photos....

    Edited by Chris Taylor
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    Thanks Paul.

    Technically I believe Frack bars (which are full size) were for Tuxedo & Formal wear.

    I would think this was just for simple lapel wear on your everyday suit.

    I'm sure one of the Ricks or someone can shed a little more light on the subject though, maybe even provide a photo of one of these little gems in wear! (hint hint ;) )

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    I don't think there was an "official" use of miniature medal bars. If that were the case, I would expect to see a great deal more of these than we do. They pop up infrequently at best. Here's one I have on the Sales Forum in my January medal Bar Sale right now.

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