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    Mongolian Polar Star


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    Attached is a modern Polar Star (the ugly brass kind).

    Two types should apparently exist:

    Var 1 - Cyrillic script, pinback, brass, 2003 - ....... 31,529 - 39,785 number range

    Var 2 - pinback, unnumbered, brass, 2003 - .....unnumbered

    What do I find? A brass one with number 13010.

    It's probably difficult to see in the picture, but trust me, right under the bottom two rivets in thin numbers is 13010.

    Mint mistake?

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    I'm afraid this might be a case of fraud, Bob.

    I've heard of dealers adding numbers to legitimate unnumbered awards, because they think it might sell better. You should try to compare the calligraphy of your numbers with these of another 30000+ award. See if it compares or not.

    Maybe, it is a replacement award for a lost one, with the old number, but that would be the first time one is seen, but with Mongolian ... who knows?


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    Here's a military/combat/whatever merit order, where the former owner erased the number and the dealer just added his, to try and sell it more easily :angry:

    It was a local-local dealer who did this, before it got in the hands of a local-international dealer who sold it on ebay, admitting what it was (if you asked about it)


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