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    Post war paper work,what is this for?

    Guest kevin1261

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    Guest Rick Research

    A most peculiar preliminary document with either a Weimar or Federal Republic stamp-- I cannot read what it says. The fact that it IS either a Weimar era or Federal Republic stamp makes an "awarded by the F?hrer" heading


    most peculiar.

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    The F.d.R.d.A. abbreviation beneath the stamp stands for F?r die Richtigkeit der Angaben, which suggests that the document is a transcript or certified copy, the contents of which are certified as being correct by the signer.

    It may have been produced in lieu of the missing or never isued original document to replace or supplement lost records, perhaps for a war pension.

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    It is a Beglaubigte Abschrift (sp?)

    You can go to any Gemeinde and they will make you a copy of a document and stamp to show it is official.

    I had a doc, it was a transcript of an Anerkennungs Urkunde for a recon pilot for finding a Soviet Panzer regt. It was stamped and signed by a Railway station master. I dont think that would have been much use for apension, but basically depending on what you want it for, it could be done by any official.

    Worst level is an "Apostile" Here you would go to a Notary (very strictly controlled in Germany) and they will stamp and sign the document, THEN you send that to the govt who controls what the notary has done and notarises his stamp and signature.

    But if its for something on the local level, some small official can do it.

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    I have some of these award documents to one man along with photo copies of his soldbuch along with a letter stating these are replacements for his wartime ones .

    Dated 18 July 1958 for the EK2 , inf assault and wound badgesin silver and black .

    Unteroffizier in the 12 Inf Rgt 687

    EK2 doc was awarded 20/7/42 stamped Wehrbereichskommando VI 1 20 Nov 1957

    Inf Assault in Silver awarded 28/8/42

    Wound badge in black awarded for 1 wound 2/9/42

    Wound badge in Silver awarded for wounds suffered on 2/9/42 , 4/11/42 , 11/3/43

    interestingly the photocopies of the soldbuch are ending with this typed statement :

    Die Richtigkeit umseitiger Fotokopie ( Auszug aus dem Soldbuch Seite 22 Feldwebel ____ ____ ) wird hiermit bestatigt :

    Munchen den 18.3.1958

    ( Delica )

    Hptm .

    I presume they were replacements for a reason i.e. going into the Bundeswehr and wanted proof for wear of his 1957 awards ?

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    Guest kevin1261

    Last page,i posted these on a other forum i belong to and the topic seemed to have stopped,i was always wondering just what thses are for.

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    It looks like all of the documents are certified transcripts compiled to document his records for future service in the Bundeswehr. They might not appeal to some collectors because they are not pre-1945, but I consider them to be an interesting variant. I think they certainly belong in a good document collection.

    This form of certified transcript has been standard practice for military and civilian documents in Germany for many years (I have pre-1918 documents, for example) and are still widely used today.


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