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Help Needed for awards earned by a Oblt. d R Rudolf Albert Zipse

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OBlt d. R Zipse

40th Fusilier Regiment "Prince Karl-Anton von Hohenzollern" (Füsilier-Regiment Fürst Karl-Anton von Hohenzollern (Hohenzollernsches) Nr. 40)

I am wondering if anyone has the complete listing of his awards? I have a copy of his records from Germany, but they seem to not have everything, plus I cannot translate everything. His ribbon bar has a EKII, Militär Karl Friedrich Verdienst Order (red and yellow ribbon with green wreath on the ribbon, Zahringer Lowe Ribbon w. swords. There are some awards listed on his stammrollen, but I don't see the EKII, EKI. There are two other awards that I cannot translate.

There are some dates for the awards listed: 17.10.14; 1.10.14 (Zahringer Lowe[ don't know what class]; and 16.12.15.

If anyone can help, it would be appreciated. If anyone has any pictures, that would be great too. I can scan whatever is needed and post a picture of the ribbon bar.



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Zipse, Rudolf LtdR, BV3, BZ3bX. That is all I have listed.

After looking a little harder here is what I have. I am not for sure what the "BV3" is? Do you have a date for that award and possible a picture?

EKII- 17.10.14

BZ3bX- 1.10.14

MKFO- 16.12.15

Ranks held are as follows:

Unteroffizier- 30.9.07

???- 28.4.08

Lt.dR- 16.11.10

Oblt- 27.4.16

Civlian life post war he was a doctor of some sort.

All in all, I have about 40 pages of documents and his ribbon bar. What I am confused with is him not having a EKI with such a high level Baden award.



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If the man wasn't really in the frontline, he couldn't have received the EK1 if he would have had a superior officer who strictly followed the rules about whether to give an EK1 or not.


There are many officers who recieved the EK1 without being frontline combat officers, above a certain rank Outstanding Service was taken into account, this includes Staff officers, Doctors, etc.



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As I wrote, some higher officers did not accept EK1 for staff officers etc., others did.

I encountered a case where a staff officer applied for a EK1 in 1918 for some alleged heroic deeds in 1915 and continuous staff work since then. This was bluntly refused by the divisional commander because, 1915 was too long ago and if he would have been entitled for a EK1 for those deeds, he should have gotten it then, and secondly because an EK1 wasn't meant to be given for staff work...

Of course it all depended on the higher officer.

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