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Fakes: quality (slowly and not expertly) is on the raise


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Is it fake?

Yep. I think this is not original piece.

Is it made to claim as original?

I have doubts about the last one.

Too nice quality.

Actually very well made piece.

Quality of manufacturing bears a strong resemblance to modern japanese miniatures.

Of course there are numerous slip ups.

The diameter of superimposed enameled star, reverts, form of the pin, form of hieroglyphs on badge and star, box layout, ribbon material, etc …

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So here are three possible versions about origin of this piece.

Version № 1 This set was made for collectors (but than why there are no usual declaimer on reverse – like we have in case of Kites???)

Version № 2 This set was made as double for lost original set or as second day-to-day set by the receptor. Day-to-day replica?

Version № 3 This set was made as fake to be sold as original to satisfy collector demand.

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What's for afters?

Check this out!

Very rare and old unofficial golden kite badge (I think many of you are familiar with this rarity but I just coudn`t resist... )

No ribbon?

Come on guys – its freaking old!.

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Of course it’s a long way to the top (USSR and third Reich fakes), but first steps are already made.

The only reason for such low fake standars – there are not enough demand for high class fakes in high classes.

But even chinese fakes are on the raise. This is the last vintage.

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