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NCO, Westfälisches Feldartillerie-Regiment Nr.7

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Maybe , just maybe I found him :jumping: There is at least a chance !!

I found a book called " 1. Westfälischen Feldartillerie-Regiments nr 7 1816-1916 " printed in Berlin 1916

and there is a list of all that got awards 1914-1915 so only one year, there was of course three more years but an NCO with a EK I should have been quite unusual ? In this book there is ( 1) NCO with EKII+EK I

Uoffz Niestegge award date 1/7 1915 . They doesn´t mention him in the book , but there must have been som real hard fighting in June 1915 ? I enclose the page where he his.

At least one candidate :cheeky:


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I believe that there is also a Gefreiter who was awarded both a EKI and EKII. I remember reading about him at one time. Honestly, there was some hard fighting, but to say, his officers took care of him. Lets not forget that.

If you are talking about a certain Cryptorchid - he was Infantry.

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