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Hello Gentlemen I recently bought this beautifull and I believe rare Order of Dominican Republic : Military Order of Heroism Capitan General Santana.

It's from the information I gather about a 5 classes Order,from Special Class (highest) to 4th Class (lowest); (here is a 4th Class) that was created on 14 December 1954.

The Order bear the name of Pedro Santana first President of Dominican Republic in the XIX century.

It was awarded with different kind of ribbon (blue,red,white = distintivo azul,rojo o blanco) ,probabely following the same meaning than Cuba Order of Military Merit for various kind of merit (from enamel & ribbon colour you can say for which merit it was awarded).

It was manufactured by Antigua Vilardebo y Riera in Cuba (certainly before 1959).



It seems this Order is still awarded by the Dominican Republic.

If anybody has a picture of different insignia of this Order he's most welcome to post it here.

For those who want to know more about Pedro Santana :

http://en.wikipedia....i/Pedro_Santana (in english)

http://fr.wikipedia....i/Pedro_Santana (en français)


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Hi. I have a similar medal, only the ribbon is red, white and blue. It's in its original box and in good condition.

I live in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic and inherited the medal from my late father.

I agree with you, it's quite rare.

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Hello Gentlemen,

This is a photo of a 1st Class (silver-gilt) of Order Capitan General Santana.

Some sources refer this Order as a 5 Classes Order, but one thing is sure, this Order is seldom seen. Since the post I did in 2011, I have seen the 1st Class in Santo Domingo, and I now know, a silver version exist (which make sense). But does it exist othesr classes, or does it exist a breast star ? A sash badge. I visited Santo Domingo in January 2015, no Museum that I was said were displaying Order. There was actually one very small, but interesting museum about the 1961 Coup against Trujilo, but very few medals were displayed Inside.

So, is the badge which the photo is shown here, a 1s Class, or a 3rd Class, it's still an open mystery.

Regards to All.


Dominican Republic Order Capitan General Santana 3rd Class.JPG

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Hello, the order of Santana the tricolor ribbons was for the special order in gold and diamonds for the president, and the gold with tricolor ribbon for general officer, the ribbon of colonel a major was blue and the gold medal, the captain to lieutenant the ribbon was blue and the silver medal, and that of the sergeant major in the open the ribbon was blue with the bronze medal

I m looking for the gold and bronze version, I hope someday to be lucky

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Hello Nona,

Welcome to the Forum.

I have been to Santo Domingo for 4 Days in January 2015. It was a Caribbean Tours started in Barbados, then Trinidad & Tobago, then Dominican Republic.

I visited a fellow there, who own only one medal, the Order of Santana in Gold (silver gilt) with the Tri Colour ribbon. But he had never wanted to sell it to me......

Just curious, if you got a photo of the Gold Order of Santana with Diamonds, that is for the President.

Just to show.

Best regards.


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Hello heusy68, I obtained the information from the regulations of the order, that of brilliants was only given to Rafael L Trujillo, for various heroic acts. I am behind photos of that medal, according to regulations diamonds are in five stars that has one of the malta crosses

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Hello Nano,

If you can find photo, that would be great.

Si usted puede buscar este fotografia de Trujillo, o la foto de la condecoracion de Trujillo, es muy bien.

Muchas Gracias a Usted.


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