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Rwanda Ministry of Defence awards


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Rwanda Ministry of Defence awards.

1.National liberation medal

2.Campaign against genocide medal

3.Order of bravery medal

4.Exemplary performance medal

5.Defence superior service medal

6.Joint command superior medal

7.Land forces superior service medal

8.Air force superior service medal

9.Foreign campaign medal

10.Long service and good conduct order

11.Distinguished conduct order

12.Distinguished conduct medal

13.Presidential inauguration medal

Source http://www.mod.gov.rw/?-Awards-

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Apprently in 2008, the Rwandan government declared Kinyarwanda, English and French all official languages with equal status. The Rwandan official website appears silent on whether these and other decorations are available with reverse inscriptions in Kinyarwanda or French as well as English. .

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I found this pic at:


1. Police Order of Honour?

2. Unkown Police?

3. Campaign against genocide medal

4. National Liberation Medal

5. Police Command Service Medal?

6. Unkown Police?

7. Unkown Police?.

8. Unkown Police?

9. Unkown Police?

10. Presidential Inauguration Medal

Any other identification are very wellcome


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