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'Boer War Memorabilia. The Collector's Guide' by Pieter Oosthuizen. The Alderman Press. 1987.

The above book gives a very detailed illustrated account of its subject matter. It is an ideal collector's guide.


Have to agree with Brett.......

Have two copies, one nearly falling apart.....

How about this.....


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A wonderful collecting field and the tin items that Chris shows can still be found. The small vase is also good but, a little more specialised.

The Loving Cup that Mike shows is of a very fine quality. I don't think it is for the Boer War - probably

Her 1887 or, 1897 Jubilee's. The piece is made of fine china - not pottery , as so many of them were.

When three handles are present it becomes a 'Loving Cup' - for passing around for toasts. This though,

is a miniature.for show.

I hope we will see many other examples on this section.

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