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Offered as remount? Ribbons seem to be new, mounting is, and the medal is worn with the reverse to front. But what should this be?!

There is just one big medal of this style, and this is the Prussian Militär-Ehrenzeichen 2. Klasse, which was a silver medal. Not gilt.

There were golden (gilt) medals for the Black EMs and NCOs in the colonies, the four classed ("Imperial German", not "Royal Prussian") Kriegerverdienstmedaillen, but those were smaller (2nd class in silver or gold) or had a different design (1st class, again silver and gold, with a portrait of Wilhelm II.). This is none of them.

On the latter, there's a great article in "Orden und Ehrenzeichen" vol. 58, which is online available. In German only, unfortunately:


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Quarterdeck Militaria on the Gold Coast? It looks familiar from their shop, if its the same seller steer well clear. Peddles "remounted" (fake) medal bars with flat bottoms and fantasy ribbon bars for movies and TV shows made at the movie studio across the highway from his shop.



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Reply to Jason, yes I sell "replica" and "fantasy ribbon bars" so whats the problem ???, steer clear because of what ???, by the way, it is "silver" not "gold"

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