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1st class St. George medal for bravery for Englishman


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Check out this gorgeous group! (currently it is on sell at one Ukraine auction)

Cavalier name was Walter George Symms.

From August 1, 1914 until January 23, 1916 he was fighting in Flanders, France.

Was awarded with 1st class "for bravery" in 1915. Received it in March 1916.

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But a corporal in a Train outfit earns a 1st class foreign award? Did he hold off an attack by German trainrobbers?

Indeed very interesting question "for what" he received this 1st class.

But most likely there will the usual "for bravery and extraordinary services" ...

Typical for these awards from "friendly exchange" vintage ...

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British award of Russian decorations are quite fun. There were a lot of army awarded for Gallipoli and the Naval boys were showered with awards for Jutland. There were also interesting and very sort after awards for the Naval Armoured Car Division in Russia. All of these can be traced on the London Gazette, with the exception of naval other ranks which are available on admiralty records (officers were gazetted). When we get to the Allied Intervention then the fun really begins (they were not gazetted). Roy Brough has listed many of the awards from various sources but the rolls are far from complete and the Naval rolll is virtually non existent (many of the recipients were awarded the decoration but never received it and just wore the ribbon, so I have seen an another rank who was awarded the meal for Zeal on Anne ribbon actually wearing an Order of St Anne (thats the nearest he could find in his local pawn shop).

All in all hours of fun for all of us who nothing better to do (or keeps them away from a nagging wife).

All the best,


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$7,000 or rubles? :o (or pesos)

$7k is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay high! :speechless:

Either that or you are spending too much time with unissued ministerial medals ;)

P.S. Last time I saw the 4th class St.George cross issued for Englishman the asking price was $7500.

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Cross 3rd class


Unreal! :beer:

VC and 3rd class St.George Cross... You don't see this everyday ....

Interesting how mini manufacturer upgraded 3rd class St. George cross to 4th class order of St. George ;)

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