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    The Ypres salient in February 2006


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    I'll put my photos from my weekend in Ypres in this forum, if it's the wrong place please move the thread elsewhere.

    Starting off with Yorkshire Trench which was north of Ypres (about 4km) near Boesinge just to the east of the canal.

    The trench was excavated and preserved in about 2001 prior to the industrial estate being built.

    There are also photos in the following two links:



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    Guest Rick Research

    That is quite a poignant photo of one of the "lost," frozen just as he was at the time of death. That looks like an X-ray picture.

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    Bayernwald / Croonaert Wood. I think this was the place where AH was.

    The first picture show what it looked like the last time I was there, the trenches had been left and were only a few feet deep. The other photos show the reconstruction work done to them.

    The last time I was there I found the base plate to a trench mortar (probably left over from the museum) but didn't know bunkers were there.

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    It took me 4 hours from Bielefeld but I did leave very early in the morning and the fog in Germany held me up a bit. I'm sure we can fit a trip in soon, Chris will have the longest journey though and it is worth popping along to Canadalaan early on a Sunday morning.

    I'll post some pics of a few memorials in the area when I get home from work later.

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    The New Zealand memorial at Messine, this area was taken within one hour of the attack on the Messine Ridge starting.

    The view the Kiwis had afterwards.

    Lochnagar Crater, now a memorial known as the Pool of Peace. At the start of the Battle of Messine Ridge 21 mines were ready to blow, 19 mines exploded on the 7th July 1917, number 20 went off during a thunder storm in the 1950s killing a cow and the other is still out there somewhere.

    The Pool of Peace was the 3rd or 4th largest mine containing 91000 lbs of ammonal. My son should give you an idea of the scale.

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