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    Hello Chris:

    I believe that the first award was a Saxon Civil Merit Order, 2nd model, Knight's Cross 2nd Class with swords, next would be a Saxon Albert Order, Knight's Cross 2nd Class with swords. Both of these were of course WWI award pieces to a junior Officer and would be made of silver/silver-gilt.

    Yes, you are right, now an expensive proposition to find these. There was a time....when no one cared about Saxon awards and they could be had cheaply (my first Albert Order 2nd Class Knight cost $60!!!). I have seen the Civil Merit Order knight's badges go for CRAZY prices lately in Germany. The book by Arnold, Keil, and Weber really caused a price spike in recent years, along of course with the bettering of the economy of Saxony as it got farther away from the times of the DDR. You are looking at easily over $600 to restore it (and this is a relatively conservative figure).

    A very nice bar by the way, with original ribbons, and well worth the restoration effort. Be patient, the right pieces will come along at the right price.

    Oh, I long for the "old days" with cheaper prices!

    Best of luck!


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    Guest Rick Research

    Well, at least those are the clip-in fronts, so all it takes is slipping the awards in and Hey presto.

    With a pre-1934, and a 1930s bar BOTH with the pair removed...

    me suspect, me does, there is a Medal Bar #3 out there with Something WW2 everything ended up staying on.

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