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RAF grouping with documents and medalbar

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Arthur James Linkins was born on 09. October 1920. He volunteered for service in Sept. 1940, was called up on 10.12.1940 and served until 25.07.1946.

He was promoted to Leading Aircraftman and got the Defence Medal and British War Medal.

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1939 Star

'awarded for service... between 3rd September, 1939 and 2nd September, 1945"

NAVY: "six months [ie: 180 days] service afloat in areas of active operations... [or] did not complete six months service afloat but took part in a commando raid, etc..."

ARMY: "six months service in an operational command, except for service at Dunkirk, Norway and in some specified commando raids and other services for... one day."

R.A.F.: Operations against the enemy provided that at least two months service had been complete in an operational unit... Non-aircrew personnel had to complete six months service in the area of an operational army command except.. [Dunkirk, Norway, etc.]"

MERCHANT NAVY: "personnel who completed six months service afloat, provided that at leat one voyage was made through an operational area... [or] "the evacuation of Dunkirk"... Service in fishing vessels and in coastal craft was also included."

(from Major L.L. Gordon's British Battles and Medals, 4th edition [1971])

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Turtle - whoever filled in the form was not a good writer. As Ulsterman has said you can make them out - with difficulty - but,

I can't think of a Trade with this name. Possibly a Telegraphist ?

As you can see he never left the Uk so whatever he did, it was regarded as important enough to keep him on a Home Base. Mervyn

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