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    Website with medal-bars and their Ebay prices!

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    Makes one wonder...

    ARE THESE FOR REAL?????( prices i mean)

    Has this guy collected these off E-bay?

    OR is he selling them????

    What gives?

    I think so. I can see some that I bought on ebay and the pricing is correct. Interesting page. I see, I missed a few :P

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    I do my homework about prices for standard items in much the same way.

    However, I have never gone to the effort of making a website for them, but just keep relevant auctions saved on my PC for reference when they vanish after 90 days.

    It is interesting to see how average eBay prices compare with those of most dealers.

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    Good site.

    I have been printing off medal bars and photos also for 7 years off ebay and other sites and have over 300 pages now of references.

    It is interesting to track prices and where some medal bars wandered to. It has taken a lot of printer ink though.

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