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Prototype: Bundeswehr Long Service Crosses

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I have not seen or heard of these awards before, and what beautiful awards they are ! a great pity they were not implemented !

Thanks for showing Red, amazing !

Prost ! Steve.

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I receive all the shown crosses last days for my collection. But I dont know if there are in a museum.

In a couple of days I will receive a copy of the documents about this crosses from the ministery of defence.

Than I can tell something more about them.



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So many Wehrmacht veterans who went to serve the Bundeswehr after World War II for many years probably never got any important decorations from their own country of Federal Republic of Germany. I think plenty of times it was the NATO countries that did all the awarding of decorations to Bundeswehr (ex-Wehrmacht) servicemen. A lot of these men never wear the foreign ribbons on their uniforms. Just the ribbons from World War II,1957 made. Yes it was too bad the Bundeswehr service crosses that were in prototype forms in 1964 were not approved.

Edward L. Hsiao

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If they ever have the long service awards again, I would like to see them not only in cross form but also in the rounded versions like the various imperial German states (9 and 12 years of services) and 3rd Reich Luftwaffe and Heer ones (signifying 4 and 12 years of service).

The front part of the medal would have the German eagle and the reverse side would be the number signifying it (4, 12, 18, etc).  I would also add a device like a 40 golden oak leave one that was used on Heer 1936 25 Year cross to signified additional years after 25 years.

Regarding the ribbon, I would use the old NVA military service ribbon since they have the colors green along with the gold, black, and red.

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