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  1. Thank you, if anybody can identify some more, than let me know.
  2. Can anybody read what this ring plate tell us?
  3. Imo dont exist a 1st or 2nd class. Its only these one class. You cant find any resources for two classes.
  4. I got this nice medal last month. The ribbon is not correct; its to wide. More Informations here: http://antique-photos.com/en/homepage/151-awardsdatabase-en/weimarawards-en/812-german-atlantic-meteor-expedtition-1925-1927-commemorative-medal.html The case was made by Zeh& Schien in Hanau.
  5. And here a very very veryveryvery very rare award document for a honor badge of the KWG. Five days later, Harnack was died. Regards Red
  6. Thats right! The stripe you not find on higher grades of this Order. Look here: (Honorary Knight-Commander) for a foreigner.
  7. I agree, that this is a classic Schuler & Kun grand cross. The ribbon, star, case and award document are lost?
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