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Recently I bought this pic on Ebay. Pic was taken in the village where I live. Unfortunately there are no buildings in the area. In this way I cannot situate where it was taken.

I was wondering if someone can help me with information about the Germans on the pic who got their EK. Attached is front and Backside.

So far I have not researched the Regimentgeschichte

Kind regards,


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These are saxon officers from saxon Infantry Regiment 106. Here is a translation

from left

Kaliz (company commander 6th comp./IR 106) (I am not 100% certain of the spelling)

Capt. Poeschel (Hans) Batl. commander III./IR 106

Lt. Zitzschmann (Ewald), company commander 12th/IR 106

received the EK1 from Kaiser Wilhelm II. at a parade near Vichle (??) Flanders

Capt Poeschel received the saxon St. Heinrichs medal on 10.11.1915.


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Thank you Andy and Ulsterman. The village where I live is Vichte.... South West Flanders, Belgium

Thank you for the translation Andy, I was not sure about the names...your post is most helpful

Ulsterman, and what says that bell about Hauptmann Poeschel...? I am curious.


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