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Opinions needed on this screwpost base ORS

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I have got a doubt on the authenticity of this order, and I would like to read your opinions and comments about.

Looking at the serial number of this red star 104774, I have the impression to see traces of buffing where the last 4 digits are engraved. It is possible that they have been modified for some reason, correct a mintmark mistake or faked to match an awarding document (no longer available). The calligraphy of the engraving is not the best one, and today I could compare with few other examples in the range, and the "4" are definitely different.

Another, even worse possibility would be that the screwpost base is entirely derived from a more recent star, re-serialised to fit within the correct range and drilled to install the screwpost.

Elsewhere I have got positive opinions on the originality of the screwpost therefore I would say that the post replacement should not be an option.

Please leave your opinions. Thank you











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It looks like the last 4 was a 5 or something similar...but again, its hard to tell on these, I'd say that someone attempted a edit and wasn't so successful, later it was polished up with better sand paper to hide the abrasive attempt. The bottom right section of the star worries me too, it looks like someone sanded it with a dremel, yet forgot to fix it up.

I am not prevalent on these variations too much, but is it possible that someone at the Mint edited this one ? (ie recipient died, the Order was handed back in to the Mint, and changed to new recipients serial?)

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Rogi, I think that I made a mistake and started the same discussion in two threads, generating confusion and dispersion of the information. I also showed this order in the "soviet fakes" discussion, receiving comments from Nick. In the meantime, I have received evidence from the seller that the area where the serial is engraved was actually polished, not to change the number but to recover from a previous disaster.

Apparently the the family of the veteran or whoever initially sold the award, tried to make it anonymous by scratching away the serial number. This operation remained unfinished but clearly visible, so the next owner tried to clean up the mess. I posted a photo of the corrupted serial in the other thread, still You can see the full discussion on the ukrainian forum http://sammler.ru/index.php?%20act=ST&f=129&t=138766

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I have tried to find other examples of serials where the "4" is engraved with the same style seen on this ORS 104774. I have only found two, but in a more recent range.

I would be glad if somebody could find and post more occurrences of such non-othodox engraving. Thanks in advance.

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