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School Diamonds


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Had started a thread, but we already had one -- OOPS. Sorry.

It may just be that I am involved in education, but I find this bewildering series to be especially interesting. Most seem to be post-1960, as they have the post-1960 arms.

While we have discussed other education badges over at


I didn't include -- and don't think we should mix up -- the "school diamonds" into that thread.

They are sufficiently complex and confusiong that, althouty Battushig treats all "education and culture" badges in the same "R" category, we may get more analytical mileage by splitting them out?

Post here please, even though there will be many NIBs!


Party Institute

A variant of B# R 48?

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Seems that given the rather endless variations on these one could make an entire collection of these academy badges alone! Although Ed has posted up quite a few I have not seen offered anywhere yet!!

Nice stuff!

This is how I caught the Mongolian bug... Since I'm a perpetual student I thought it was a rather fitting direction for my collecting to take. I have about 40 of these with of varying quality.

I'll post the ones not on my minimalist display a little later.

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And recto.

Wish we could read it. Will no one take up a collection to send poor little Ed to summer (language) camp?? My "conversational Mongolian" CD set is just not taking root among the remnant aging gray matter.

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