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    Medal Bar by Godet with Oldenburg Connection

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    Please find below pictures of an unknown officer's medal bar who did obviously have a connection to the Grand Duchy of Oldenburg.

    It shows the following awards:

    1. Prussia, Iron Cross 2nd class 1914, OEK 1909

    2. Prussia, Red eagle 4th class, OEK 1704

    3. Prussia, Dienstauszeichnungskreuz for officers, OEK 1970

    4. Prussia, Zentenarmedaille (1897), OEK 1965

    5. Oldenburg, Friedrich August Cross 2nd class 1914, OEK 1563

    6. Oldenburg, Knights Cross 2nd class with Crown of the Haus- und Verdienstorden, OEK 1520 (missing)

    Since the last award is placed behind the Friedrich August Cross, it should be the civil version of the house order.

    Any observations are more than welcome!

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    Great looking bar! Nice awards and when you add back the HPFL 2K m/Crown it will return it to its former glory. Sorry I can't help you with a replacement House order. The one I have is with swords. ;)

    This could be an example of the old question; whether to restore or not. In this case, I'm all in favor of adding the missing award to the bar. Usually seamstress skills are involved in sewing on a missing award. In this situation, it may take a jeweler to cleanly return the Order to the crown.

    Good hunting on getting the missing award and with the identification of the gent.

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