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    Show Your mint KM Items.

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    I used to have many more KM pieces but tuned down that area of collecting.

    I can't say that I have too many 'mint' pieces of KM gear - but I will share this rather interesting piece. It's a 7 day clock taken from a U-boat that surrendered in Wilhelmshaven at war's end. It was used by the radio operator.

    I had a veteran friend who was on guard duty when the U-boat was unloading her crew. An officer walked up to him and offered him this clock (that he had personally broken off it's mount in the radio room) along with his dagger for a pack of cigarettes.

    In perfect English, he told my friend Alex that he wouldn't be needing these anymore and hadn't had a cigarette in weeks. Alex gladly traded him a pack of smokes for these items. They spent the next 60 in a junk drawer, simply considered his war souvenirs (along with his sgt. stripes)

    I will include a pic of the dagger too simply because these pieces have not been apart since '45. When Alex died, his son phoned me and told me that his dad wanted me to have these. I am honored to have them in my collection. I wish I knew exactly which U-boat it came out of but alas...Alex never knew or could not remember.



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    What fantastic pieces :) love the story behind the clock and dagger :)touching and what a touching tribute to Mr. Alex. Perley has many war heros here in Ottawa, it is great that you knew Mr. Alex and counted him as a friend :)

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