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    Order of Medjidje - Obligation to return after death 1903?


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    Hi there,

    from a man who died in 1903 there is only one of twelve awards left.

    For five of six Prussian and Wuerttemberg meanwhile we found out that the regulations said that the award has to be returned.

    The man also got the 3rd and 2nd class of the Order of Medjidje


    Does anybody know if there was a obligation of return for this order?



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    According to the Regulation, everybody had to return, but nobody bothered to do so, otherwise there wouldn't be this much order on sale in different places. I think with the collapse of the Ottoman Empire and foundation of the Turkish Republic no body bothered to control the orders etc, which were banned to wear anyway. For foreign recepients I don't know, you are most probably right.



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    I have the medal bar for Vice-Steuermann Paul Kutzner that has an Order of the Medjidje on it. It's a post 1934 bar because there is a HK.

    He earned it during WWI when he was on the UC-20 operating in the Mediterranean Sea and later joined a North African machinegun unit (but this is just part of a very long known story about him).

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