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    A old globe

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    A nice globe but a bit controversial, in a way!

    Don't want to start a political or racial discussion, that is why I didn't put it in the title!!

    It is just what it is!

    Dating from the late 19 th century, it as little characteristic heads of the different races on their corresponding continent.

    Next to the Caucasian head it says "...mend to civilize the world"....

    The little extra to this one (that i just recently acquired!) is that it is a Flemish one, I only have seen 3 in my life. The other two where French, one of them was mine as well but fell in to the wrong camp when I divorced, years ago.

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    Stuka (is this your first name ?) - old maps and globes are always interesting but are not rascist or,territorial.

    These are modern inventions ..........

    People of the day spoke as they thought and places like Africa were unknown and feared. Until Burton and

    Speke's expedition in the 1860's the central part of Africa was always shown as - 'unknown' , 'unexplored' etc.

    Very apt descriptions which are still applicable in many areas today.

    Early globes are decorative and collectable.. The problem with this one is that it looks as if the paper covering

    has been eaten - or, dusted away. The second problem that being printed in Flemish will limit the market.

    Must still be worth about 80 pounds.

    This is an excellent collecting and discussion field. MEMBERS - PLEASE POST ANYTHING WITH MAPS AND GLOBES. Mervyn

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    Hey Mervin,

    my first name is Kris! Sorry for that.

    Officially Kristiaan; the name I use now when registering on any other new forum in other languages then English.

    I taught continuing using my pseudo stukaf (in different forms!) on the Enlgish fora, the place where I started, in a time a pseudo different from your name was recommended....

    I for one find it very difficult to remember who is who on fora, when they start changing theyr name and or avatar, so I stick to stukaf, if you don't mind.But i generally end my posts with "|<ris".

    For the globe ; yes it needs some attention, and it will be given in time. Just need to find some old students I went to class with when studying restoration works. Need one of the paper departement! (lol!)

    The one I used to have is worse, so say my son! His mother from who I divorced, managed to "clean" the whole globe.....to a white globe, sponging it every day of the year with a sponge, water and ammoniac! :banger:

    You are about right with the 80 £, that is what I payed for it, but I would have gone gladly for more, because I had to have it. :jumping:

    Last time I saw one was at 200€, but didn't had the money ......., many years ago.



    Edited by Stuka f
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    Hey Mervyn,

    I liked your remark regarding the French and English globes!! :D:D

    I have a stand left some where, that is the reason I bought it, but honestly, I did know about the damage on the south pole, they didn't mentioned it!

    We will see!


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    • 2 months later...

    Very nice, Stuka Kris! Not to worry about the politicl correctness either. As Mervyn says, different times, different mores. I've always been fascibnated by old maps myself, probably dating from my childhood when I flipped through an atlas my father bouhgt, probably before my birth in 1955. Even as a teen, I was fascinated by how many bits of the Pacific were under the 'guardianship' of the British, French or Americans and now, 6 decades later, how many bits of the maps are just wrong!

    I can easily imagine a class of students looking at the 'old globe' and imagining what in English was called the 'dark continent', with all that implied both positive and negative. Perhaps some of them went on to see parts of that world too. I will always remember my first visit to St. Paul's Cathedral in London and a wall plaque there which commemorates 4 brothers. Three died in the Colonial Service in west Africa and one on campaign in India. The oldest was less than 30 at his death and I suspect none of them left much money behind or other 'spoils of empire' but rather what Kipling called 'the white man's burden' - the notion which seems so odd and arrogant today that they had a moral duty to improve the world!

    Long ramble there, but thanks for posting the globe pictures!


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    Burden yes - but I often hear comments that they wished we were still running things..........

    Stuka - that rust preparation is quite remarkable - the difference to the globe is enormous. I wonder if it can be bought in

    other countries ? Mervyn

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