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    Der Bamberger Reiter

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    The Bamberger Reiter (Bamberg Horseman) is a beautiful stone realistic life size sculpture from the first half of the 13th century, in the cathedral of Bamberg (Germany). Throughout times there has been much speculation about his identy. The characteristic head of the statue was depicted on the 1920 German banknote of 100 Reichsmark, and it became an icon of the Aryan man. Never the less, the Bamberger Reiter was also shown on the German 2 Euro stamp of 2003.

    To the German people in 1920, 100 Mark was a lot of money and a 100 Mark bill was the backbone of financial traffic. So to my opinion the well known face of the Bamberg Reiter was also an encouragement to the German people, after a bloody war and a humiliating peace. But it also turned out to be the up step to an inflation without precedent!

    Ever since I visited Bamberg Cathedral first (1972) I have been impressed by the cool distant dignity of this noble horseman and the realistic features of his horse, and in many ways this sculpture represents the rich history of Germany.

    Next photos are from my collection.

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    Odulf - what an interesting item - I have never heard of it before and thankyou for posting. My first thoughts were

    Viking or, Angle in origin. However, it is not a helmet - even with what were probably two horns. Probably represents

    a Crown - perhaps a Chief or Princeling. What age is put on the carving - and also, was it done much later ? Mervyn

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    The headdress here is a crown.

    The Bamberger's points have been broken off through time.

    It should look like this one, on the related 'Magdeburger Reiter'.

    Both the Bamberger and Magdeburger statues had a very special relevance to the Third Reich .............. and the SS in particular ................ which I won't bore you with here !! ;)

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