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Is this the French taking surrender to a new level (joke)..... or are these guys from those border areas where nationality is blurred?

Very unusual indeed, must have been awkward for them if they were of French ancestary.

Or are the cards just in French as the service may have been in France?

Facinating none the less, it is the little things that makes one ponder.

Jock :)

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we are writing here about a part of Prussia in that time.

Toussaint was from Sourbrodt, Renardy should have lived nearby. The two cards are printed in Malmedy.

Malmedy was French from 1795 -1815, German (Prussian) from 1815 - 1920, and it is Belgian since 1920.

In the Prussian time German was the main language there in Malmedy and surrounding, but a large minority spoke French (appr. 28%).


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