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    Luftwaffe Ground assault badge Osang One piece Zinc late War?

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    Can't fit anymore into the title but it just about covers it I hope?

    It is a bit grubby and the finish is not that good anymore as tends to be the case with zincers.

    Had a bit of a luftwaffe day today!

    Jock :)

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    Thanks Guys,

    There is a die flaw that I have noticed on the 'g' of Osang and I have seen it on other pictures posted on other media where this is also present so this may be a good 'combat indicator' for the community at large, possibly already noted somewhere but I haven't seen it yet?

    Jock :)

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    hey, Jock.... any chance of a close-up of the maker mark?

    any, and all information on stuff like this is gold in determining originality of a piece, especially when it comes to "Osang" as their maker mark (die stamp) has been faked a lot over the years.

    The thing to look at, on an original mark, is the difference in size of the "s" in Osang an the "s" in Dresden.

    In the meantime...an earlier version to have a look at, this being the two piece with nickel-silver eagle.

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