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    Hi everybody,

    Please find here my new little ribbon bar. This bar belonged to Major a. D. Fritz Renner from I.R. Nr. 107.

    He received the following orders :

    Kr zu SA3aX, 9 August 1916

    SA3aX, 11 JAnuary 1916

    SA3bX, 31 October 1914

    EK2, 25 May 1915

    WF3aX, 9 April 1915

    ÖFJ3, 23 December 1913.

    EfF, 1934

    EK1 ?

    His promotions :

    Fähnrich, 27 October 1905

    Leutnant, 17 August 1906,

    Oberleutnant, 22 May 1913

    Hauptmann, 16 April 1915

    Major, 30 September 1920,

    1. D., 31 March 1920.

    At the mobilization he was in the I.R. Nr. 107 till October and then he went to R.I.R. Nr. 107 till Aril 1916. After that he was transferred to I.R. Nr. 105 till August 1916. He finished the war at the Stab of the 24 R.D.


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    Hi Paul,

    It was the ÖFJ3. After that, it was easy to find saxon officer who had all three grades of SA3. In the beginning I thought the red ribbon was the SF ribbon. But like I have no match, I look through the Nimmergut's book and find the Austrian ribbon.

    There is another similar bar for an officer of Ulanen Reg. The only difference is that the other man has never received the SA3bX. He received the SA3aX and after the crown to the cross.


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