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    In a Kriegsrangliste (officers) or Kriegsstammrolle (enlisted), the left column in your excerpt is the column for "Mitgemachte Gefechte", which is normally column 11, and the right is column 12 for "Orden und Ehrenzeichen", 


    The "Mitgemachte Gefechte" are usually taken from the unit's official combat participation list.  The dates are from those lists, with any adjustments to the dates if the individual soldier missed certain battles or engagements due to wounds, illness, schools or the like.   If a soldier changed units, the new unit would record his records (I assume usually from his Militärpass, but also he might bring along a Kriegsrangliste/-stammrolle excerpt) in its book and then add their own engagements later.  If you stayed in the same unit the whole time, your llst would be the same as the unit's list, so often in a Militärpass you will see a photocopy of the unit list attached rather than all the battles rewritten.


    This example shows he participated in the Battle of the Frontiers in August 1914 (border protection and border fights in Lorraine, battle of Lorraine, battle of Nancy-Epinal, capture of the Fort de Manonviller), and then went to the Race to the Sea (Somme, Arras, Lille, Ypres, etc.)


    The award list in the right column is divided into "a. vaterländische" and "b. fremde".  In this case, "vaterländische" means Bavarian, and "fremde" includes everything else - Prussian, other German states and non-German awards.  A Prussian Kriegsrangliste would have Prussian awards under "a" and non-Prussian under "b".  Kriegsranglisten and -stammrollen often mess this up, putting German awards under "a" and non-German under "b", but this one looks correct.


    This particular excerpt is from a fairly early-war Kriegsrangliste, with entries only though July 1915. 

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    Thanks for the detailed explanation.

    Generalluetnant Bernard von Hartz

    (Division Commander B 2ID, General Corp Cmdr 57, Great General Staff, Quartermaster 6 Army)


    Crown Order 4 -K4 pre-war

    St Michael a Honor Cross - ME pre-war

    Military Merit Order 3 - MV3 pre-war

    Prinz Regent Jubilee Medal - JM pre-war

    Long Service 2 - DK2 pre-war

    Military Merit Order 2 with Swords - MV2b m Schw 7.9.14


    Red Eagle Order 3 - PrA3 pre-war

    China Commemorative Medal in Steel - ChD2

    Iron Cross 2 - PEK2 7.9.14

    Iron Cross 1 - PEK1 7.10.14


    Albert Order 2 class with Breast Star - SA2b pre-war

    Albert Order 2 class with Breast Star with Sw - SA2a m Schw. 8.12.14


    Crown Order 2 with Breast Star and Swords - WK2b m Schw 2.12.14


    Hessen Bravery Medal - HessTapf.M 23.10.14


    War Merit Cross - Braunschig.Kriegs.Verdict.Kreuz 5.7.15


    Friedrich Cross - Anh-Friedr.Kr. 26.2.15


    Order of Iron Crown 2 - ÖEK2


    Order of the Sacred Treasure Knight's Cross. - JnS5a


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