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    waffen SS cammo helmet cover

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        This helmet cover is from my buddies collection as I do not really collect SS items .

    My buddy purchased this cover way back in the early to mid 1970's . This cover was taken  from the storeroom in Dachau  several days after it was liberated . This cover is unissued and to me unfinished .If you closely at several of the pictures you will see this strips of material sticking up out of the helmet this is how the spring is attached to the helmet cover . A triangular piece of scrap material was passed through the top loop of  the spring and pulled upwards then the long rectangular piece of cammo cloth was placed over the spring , this is the  cover  for the retaining clip spring .The scrap of material would stick out from this rectangular material and be sewn together . After being sewn together the tips of the scrap material should have been cut off , but as you can see this was never done .

     As this is not my field of collecting your comments and opinions would be welcome.

      Sorry I took the pictures with a cell phone and did not have a helmet to stretch it on to give a better view of its true shape.


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