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    I need a little bit help. I have this photo of - what I assume - is a medical officer. Photo not dated or written but concluding from his uniform and the backside of the photo it was taken in France/Belgium, ca. 1916-18


    1. Sachsen Verdienstorden wX-

    2. EK2 -

    3. Sachsen Dienstauszeichnungskreuz

    4. ?


    Single orders:

    Albrechtsorden Offizierskreuz mit Krone und Schwerten

    EK 1

    Österreich Franz-Joseph-Orden Offizierskreuz

    My idea is maybe Generaloberarzt/Generalarzt Dr. Anton Scherner?

    Gruß und Dank Stefan






    ' alt='' class='ipsImage' width="495px" height="750px">">autofarbe.jpg

    Orden - Kopie.jpg

    ' alt='' class='ipsImage' width="495px" height="750px">

    ' alt='' class='ipsImage' >

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    Can't see clearly. There is no name of Scherner in the Bavarian rolls during WW1.


    This photo has been taken after 1917 as Scherner received SAOX on May 1917.. I have not find in his prewar medals any Bavarian one. One another research mistake.



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    Thank you so far for the answers, much appreciated.

    To make clear: I´m no specialist in identifying orders. Scherner was only a speculation of mine as he was only one of - I think 2-3- with ÖFJ3 I´ve found in a list I have from Daniel Krause. Meanwhile I doubt this is Scherner. No mention of Bavarian or Anhalt-Awards in Roth, instead he had a Red Cross medal.

    Anyway, is it possible to identify this guy with this rare combo?

    Gruß Stefan

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